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New Distribution: Technical Preview of Debian 8 "Jessie" in Alpha

07-11-2014, 16:40

Yesterday, Debian announced that they’ve frozen “Jessie”, the latest version (version 8) of Debian. As with “Squeeze” and “Wheezy” – which we gave you the chance to test prior to their official releases 2 and 4 years ago - we’ve just added a "technical preview" of Debian 8 to our list of OS.

Take this opportunity to check that everything is working properly (your software, libraries, etc.) in time for the distribution’s official release, which is planned for a few months from now.

Bear in mind that the security updates in this pre-release version aren’t as watertight as they are in the current stable version. The number of RC bugs is low, but not inexistent. If you can’t decide between Debian 7 and 8, we’d probably advise you to go for Debian 7.

Some info:
- You can choose between either Linux 3.14 GRS (OVH) or 3.16 (Debian) kernels
- Available LAMP stack versions: Apache 2.4.10, PHP 5.6, MySQL 5.5
- Perl 5.20.1, Python 2.7.8

Who’s Jessie? She’s the cowgirl from Toy Story who is spritely, courageous and very athletic, but also claustrophobic and scared of the dark.

For now, this version is available with OVH in Alpha. Please send us any feedback here.