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Is support really that bad??

11-11-2014, 00:47
Well thanks for all your input. I've decided to run with them for the moment, i've played around with their recovery tools, which seem pretty decent, and as someone else advised, i've taken a second server as backup/standby. The cost of the two servers is still cheaper and much higher capacity than the one it's replacing!
I'm currently building system images and doing practice full image recoveries that kind of thing. I think it sounds like I really shouldn't be relying on sys/ovh for any kind of timely support. I also have an offsite backup server, so if things get really hairy I can still get all our services back up and running within the DNS TTL which is currently about an hour. Think i'll probably also assume that WILL happen, so i'll switch to live offsite replication rather than just nightly backups. Belt, Braces and Lifejacket

10-11-2014, 23:39
Also i think this:

a) Don't have enough staff (Seems to be only about 3 people who answer tickets across SYS/KS

They need to hire more pepole...

Im waiting respond for more than 24 hours + my server is down all the time on that...

When im calling phones i think same guys answering the phone...

10-11-2014, 23:15
Quote Originally Posted by heise
You never know, when you hit the jackpot and get hardware problems. Best is to have a contingency plan for that case. Sometimes support is slow.
Thats what I always say. If you think of putting your buss. to ovh, you should also make a failover plan/server. Currently I am only using sys for backup my servers from different datacenter and also for evulation.

But if I decide to move to ovh one day, I will get two servers so each server will mirror other in case of failure. One thing I can not be sure is that; if ovh shutdown both servers because they belong to same account... (I read some threads in forum about similar issues.)

BTW is ovh has a better / faster support?

10-11-2014, 00:54
Touch wood I've had a server for over 6 months now and haven't had an issues with it, but I feel a little like the OP in that I'm somewhat scared of what might happen if/when I do get a hardware issue. Having said that I never put all my eggs in one basket and have an alternative server with a different company that can take the load from my SYS machine in the time it takes to make and propagate the DNS changes if necessary.

In terms of the hardware you get for your money though, I don't see any other company coming close, you just have to factor the risk of poor support into that, and have a disaster recovery plan in place.

However, they do advertise a "Guaranteed hardware SLA" on the website ( people should just make sure they get held to it.

10-11-2014, 00:20
You never know, when you hit the jackpot and get hardware problems. Best is to have a contingency plan for that case. Sometimes support is slow.

10-11-2014, 00:16
The support from SYS and Kimsufi is an absolute discrace to the hosting profession, or any profession to be honest. The answer is YES it really is that bad.

It's as if they either..
a) Don't have enough staff (Seems to be only about 3 people who answer tickets across SYS/KS
b) They just dont care
c) Both

I purchased the 24TB server which I had nothing but problems with since day one, had endless auto "defect" emails from them, and they just ignored my requests for help for weeks. I then asked for compensation for time lost and they basically said no, not without logs of dowtime which I didn't have for various reasons including re-installs/wiping data etc etc, they wouldn't accept there own endless amount of defect emails as proof which I find ludicrous and insulting.

Now I have a 32GB server and reported a drive as faulty about a week ago, no replies, no confirmation, nothing, nada, zip.

I really expected more than this from SYS.

09-11-2014, 23:59
U spent 30 minutes reading this forum, but be ready to wait 30 days for tehnical support also.
I suggest u to u go directly to OVH, they have fast support, here at SYS, u can wait 3 days for answer, but u can also wait 30 days for answer (I personaly was waiting more than 30 days), If u spend 30 more minutes here, u will find a lot more complaints on support..

In one year with SYS, I had 3 times hardware problem.

Just look how much reboots I had (for 1 month!) on server when I had last time hardware problems.. I'm not sure, but remote or hard reboot are done by OVH system...

09-11-2014, 22:36
I'm a new SYS customer, and having just spent the last 30 mins reading the forums, i'm terrified i've made a horrible mistake.
So I have to ask, is this just the winging few in what must be thousands of customers? or should I really be thinking twice about putting my customers systems on their kit and risking my reputation.?

I guess at the end of the day I only really need to be sure I can get support hands on in a reasonably short timeframe on kit failure. The o/s support I do myself. Is that a stretch for this company?