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Thoughts and input please. FreeBSD 10, multiple I.P's, jails...

11-11-2014, 01:24
only one port is connected to the internet and I don't think you can get the second one connected. When getting failover ip try to get the one by one instead of a block. I believe you can switch only the block from one server to another one - but I am not completly sure no that with soyoustart.

10-11-2014, 22:43
Hi I am wondering if i can do this on the SYS-IP-1 now I have purchased:

Failover I.P's test case 3. - using two routes to the server (ignore the fact i have bought a block of 16, I am a noob and i am simplifying the process first of just referring to the fact i have two physical ethernet ports em0 and em1 and two I.Ps one to each port - i have actually bought 16)

I previously had a cloned interface on the kimsufi server as i only had one physical port, now i have em0 and em1:

Can I assign an I.P to em1 and then in my pf.conf write rules to handle ports and forward to jails. This is what I am aiming for as I would like to single out my web based jails and use a internal loopback device like lo1 and a range as i did before. then do the same again with a new public i.p this time on the second adapter (em1) and have some more unusual apps like mono etc in jails and their confilicting ports be safely running on a new i.p and "evoke" when desired (no running as background services or deamons).

thoughts on this please?