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Ended up disk space

17-11-2014, 13:55
OP could also do RAID5 for single-disk redundancy, while being able to use the capacity of two disks.

17-11-2014, 09:11
Your drives seem to be setup in RAID 1, in order to gain the capacity of all of the disks you would need to use RAID 0, however, RAID 0 offers NO redundancy whatsoever, if one drive fails, all data is gone.

17-11-2014, 07:14
Hello, I bought a server "E3-SSD-2" with 3x120gb ssd, through your panel i installed Linux Plesk Panel 11 (Ubuntu) (64bits)
Now I ended up disk space, although the plesk shows that employs only 70gb
what do I do? can drive the other two are not connected?

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