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Waiting for a SYS-IP-5S ... forever?

18-11-2014, 01:30
Well i've had a couple of them in the last two weeks, so they ARE appearing now and then!

17-11-2014, 19:33
Thanks MIke,

I've already signed up for that. However, even though OVH says it's been for sale a couple of times. I've never received that email "notice".

17-11-2014, 18:05
One of the forum members created a tool that will send an email alert when a server is back in stock:

17-11-2014, 16:22
Hi forum,

Just wondering if you could help me out a bit.
I'm a 22 year old guy who really wants to learn and drive a small company running Windows 2012 with Hyper-V.

So I've decided to run with the SYS-IP-5S.
Unfortunately, I've been waiting for ever for the server to be replenished. But somehow I always seems to miss it.
I've been waiting for a small amount of 2 months now.

What am I doing wrong? Or rather, what should I do?

Any suggestions are welcome.