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Newbie to VPS - just signed up today

23-11-2014, 13:34
Same as mrmac

23-11-2014, 01:36
The IP address of your VPS is in the email with your password. Make sure you're connecting to that - the "notification of connection to your manager" email contains the IP address you logged into the manager with.

Also, did you order a Windows VPS?

21-11-2014, 13:48
Hi, new to VPS's signed up today. I've received a number of emails incl "notification of connection to your manager".

I run Win7 - Avast is set to OFF for the set-up - my goal in using VPS is to take some stress off my office system for SEO for my websites.

In my Remote Desktop Connection I've entered

Computer: "Connection IP" - [or is it the other one? I see when I log-in to Ovh?]
Username: "Customer ID"
LAN (10 Mbps or high)
Devices and Resources ticked

I get a "Remote Desktop can't, remote access to server not enabled/remote computer off/remote computer not available on network" message.

Would someone mind telling the things I'm clearly doing wrong, please?

Thanks in advance.