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My VPS has been down for 3 days

24-11-2014, 10:40

Sorry about all the problems it should be all sorted now.

22-11-2014, 09:41
Why are OVH maintainance not dealing with this? They are aware of the problem that must be affecting several, if not all users.

According to them, they have fixed the problem, but my server has been in reboot state for over 12 hours and their own status shows that there are still several issues.

I would have inserted a screenshot of their status here, but as my web sites are down, I can't upload to one to share the image.

Come on OVH, We know things go wrong from time to time, but don't tell us the issue is fixed, when clearly it is not.
If it carries on much longer, I will be forced to move, which would be a shame because this has been a fantastic service for the past 3 years that I have been a customer.