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Hosting my website on my dedicated server.

24-11-2014, 16:03
You can leave the nameservers as they are being as you have other hosting managing domains/DNS and just change the A records (e.g. in the DNS to point the IP you are now using for web-hosting. This is probably your server IP, but maybe a different IP if you have bought additional IP's for VM's or websites.

If you want to move over your DNS management then you need to change your name servers to the ones OVH told you to use for your server. You could run your own DNS servers, but being as you asked the question above, it might be a bridge to far for now :-)

24-11-2014, 15:00
As the title suggests I want to host my website on my dedicated server. I have my own domain name which I have owned for several years now and I use other hosting to manage my domains and dns records. How would I do this on my own server? What do I change my name servers to switch the domain to my dedicated server?