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Attention sys technical support: Very urgent rsvp

27-11-2014, 18:33

There is an active ticket for this issue. We will update you once we get more information on this particular issue.


27-11-2014, 17:48
Dear friends at SYS,

As reported already on the phone as of this early afternoon, there are HUGE routing problems on our server IP

You have confirmed this on the phone, but also said the issue would be resolved very quickly, unfortunately it's causing us no end of complaining customers.

Ping to this IP (even within the same RBX3 datacenter) is awfully high... download and upload to and from the server is awfully slow...

We are having a growing number of angry customers who cannot use their VPS because of these issues.

Please investigate as a matter of URGENCY and provide an ETA for resolution or alternative solution, this awful performance is causing us to most likely receive cancellations.

Thanks for your understanding of our predicament.

I look forward to your reply.