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SSH Service is disabled

13-01-2015, 17:20
To check the status of the ssh server, type sudo service ssh status into your console (in your case the KVM).

If an ssh server is not installed, type sudo apt-get install openssh-server if you use ubuntu to install an ssh server.

Another issue could be that you have just enabled ufw ( This can block ssh connections. You can allow ssh connections by typing this: `sudo ufw allow ssh, so long as the ssh server is running on the default port (correct me if I'm wrong).

01-12-2014, 10:25

You should use the KVM to access the VPS and see why SSH is not running on your VPS.

28-11-2014, 18:31
What OS are you running? In the KVM console try "service sshd start".

28-11-2014, 01:17

I cannot SSH into my VPS. The KVM via control panel seems to work though.
I have tried rebooting the server and this issue remains unresolved. No reply from support in over 24 hours.