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More than 24h Domain not registered

28-11-2014, 19:03

Following our telephone conversation the transfer was waiting on an email to be confirmed, it has been confirmed now and we are just waiting for the dns changes to be propagated.


28-11-2014, 10:19
I have moved form 1and1 to OVH for the solo reason of 1and1 customer service being being bad, although I am starting to think OVH is the same!

So I migrated like last week, and I still do not have my domain registered. Then I saw that I forgot to put the OVH-FR tag on 1and1. So I did it yesterday and it has already been more than 24h.

I already canceled with 1and1, so in these 24h I can't even imagine how many emails I have lost due to not having an email. My company has been unreachable for more than 24h and that is a lot believe me!

I called technical assistance yesterday, and some technical (or so he says he is) told me maximum 24h the domain would be transferred and the emails would be ON.

Turns out nothing's ON. Neither the Website and the emails!!! You speed this up OVH!! I can't lose clients because of this!

The technical told me he couldn't do anything because it was an automatic service, although I don't believe him!!

You speed this up right now!!