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Can't access some websites - are they Blocked by OVH?

28-03-2015, 08:33
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02-12-2014, 14:31
Hi Mike,

I wondered if it was that, but the Piratebay (usually the first to get blocked) and many other high profile sites are accessible.

I don't have a problem with sites being blocked for this reason but I'm more concerned that there is something wrong with my setup and that some more legit sites may also fail if there is.

02-12-2014, 14:22
If you're talking about torrent sites, it's probably because OVH want to discourage using their network for cheap seedboxes.

02-12-2014, 11:42

Newbie here.

I recently commissioned a small vps and have been testing it out for various possible uses.

I installed Openvpn and connected to it via my ipad. As I am in the UK I decided to test to see if it allow access to sites that are blocked by the Big 5 ISPs in the UK.
Some blocked sites became accessible, but some did not. I checked the inaccessible ones using a browser connected via a UK ISP that doesn't block and they worked fine.
Then I connected to my vps via VNC and tried connecting to a 'blocked' site using Firefox. It still wouldn't connect.
I can ping a blocked site but cannot browse to it.
It's not a big problem as I don't particularly want to use the blocked sites (and I could get round it anyway) but it did make me wonder whether some sites are blocked by OVH (would be strange though as piratebay not blocked)

Any ideas?