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eMails - POP before SMTP - getting problems.

04-12-2014, 19:14
I'm suffering quite a number of problems with the change to POP before SMTP. I have a number of emails on OVH hosted domains all accessed by MS outlook, Thunderbird, iPhones and Androids. It's driving me potty trying to keep control of it all. There was little or no notice about the change and I am not a support techie nor am I full time in front of my computer. On one occasion I phoned the help desk and was told that we don't normally support emails issues and so I wonder what they do support. The guy did in fact help me a bit. Gripe over.

So is anyone else getting issues I have one domain completely lacking email at the moment as I missed OVH's target?
I have read the configuration pages but they are in French, my French is not bad but I'm not an expert. I am confused as to which servers I ought to be using ns0 or ssl0?

Can anyone enlighten me please.

Thanks in anticipation.