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Failover IP design flawed

08-12-2014, 19:49
I have an aversion to DHCP/additional software layers as it's one more thing that has to be running 100% or will break everything else.No I think the way forward is to provide an additional read only file based virtual disk shared on each vm based on a host specific file, so I can have one on each failover host with correct routing details to add to network service startup.

06-12-2014, 21:27
My first thought would be to run a DHCP server on the host (firewalled from the public network) from which the VMs get their network configuration on startup. Just theoretical as I haven't actually tried that on an OVH server. I guess it depends on your particular VM/host setup on how easy that will be.

05-12-2014, 15:00
Hi, I notice with the failover IP's there is a requirement to use the class C x.x.x.254 address of the main (non-failover) IP as the gateway.
This creates the problem that when implementing failover IP's in virtual machines, the VM has to know which host it is running on to know what the gateway address should be. So currently the only way I can failover my VM's to second box is by manually editing the gateway address on each VM!!

Now I can probably figure out how to automate that with say a common nfs share holding the host network config, but that all seems very inelegant. Has anyone come up with a simple/elegant solution to this problem yet?