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IP problem under Winserver service on OVH server

07-12-2014, 18:33
i have purchase a server from

i have installed ubuntu 12.04 LTS with wineserver

when trying to run a service under wine server its connecting uses IP "" which is different from my OVH original IP which causes port closed problem and i am unable to open the port on that IP uses by the service.

i have tried to rerouting the port to that IP uses iptables but still don't work. the same port showing open when tested on the original IP while its still showing closed on that IP used by the service.

1) why its not connecting using my OVH original IP?
2) is there a way to force the service to use my original IP?
2) how to rerouting the port to that new IP uses by the service ?

note: i have made a DNS lookup on and its resolved to

My SYS Username: bb139710-sys

please help to fix this issue,

Thanks in Advance!