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Link: Roubaix/Bruxelles/Amsterdam: UP

13-03-2008, 22:33
Keep it up guys. The network must be good already since I can max out my server to Sweden Full 100Mbps if needs be. Rare though I can also max out my 4Mbps broadband at home with one ftp thread.

My pings are around 38 from Middlesbrough, UK as well, which is excellent My pings to my old USA server were 160-200ms. I wonder if the new links will get the 38ms down any more? We can hope!

13-03-2008, 22:30
Nice too see you looking too sort out any routing issues...once its all done, pretty much routing too the most of the eu should be lightningly quick...Look forward too seeing that roll out

13-03-2008, 08:34

Yesterday, after 6 months of hard work, we have started the production of the Roubaix / Brussels / Amsterdam link. The speed of the link is 400Gbps. Indeed, we use what other large telecom companies worldwide already use (we were the first French operator to use it) the technologies of Infinera (www.infinera.com)

Also yesterday, we have increased the capacity of Amsix (the item peering over Amsterdam) from 1G to 10G. We are going to increase the capacity of this to 2x10G in the next few days (not scheduled but Super fast and simple with Infinera). Thus, OVH traffic to Amsix will no longer go through Paris OVH but instead will go from Paris OVH directly to the Netherlands. The result is our data-centre in Roubaix being reached by the most shortest and direct geographical path. The servers hosted at OVH are pingable from the Netherlands and have 6ms latency Instead of 10ms/18ms/24ms (depending on if the traffic passes through Paris / London / Frankfurt).-+

We will have 400Gbps capacity to Brussels also. We will be present in any day on BNIX in 10G and a little Later (if possible) FreeBIX (we need to place equipment there because there is no FreeBIX on 10G. Indeed, we are now on LCL and Interxion in Brussels and we have a LAN in Brussels between datacentres. The goal is to have all of our Belgian friends 1ms away from our data-centre based in Roubaix city.

We will also work on the 2x10G link between Roubaix and London. This is currently being finalized. It will allow us to have a good network capacity to London and to improve the peerings to our English friends. The goal here is to be 2ms away from our data-centre.

With 4ms from Paris, 1ms from Brussels, 2ms from London, 6ms from Amsterdam, we are starting to really take advantage of our positioning strategy of our data-centres in the North of France in Roubaix. The investments are heavy and long, but we have an investment program until 2011. This is when we must have the complete European backbone enabling us to offer access to our data-centres from any European country with minimal latency and maximum speed. This will also include all the telephone services (including collect calls in every country of Europe) to propose to all our clients, regardless of country phone numbers of every European country. We are already a telephone operator in BE, UK, ES, DE, PL and work with the operator Interco Story for the collection. Then other countries will follow.

OVH wants to offer a complete service for each of our inhabitants of Europe, so: the domain name of the country, the phone number of
country, the presence on the internet (hosting, RPS, the dedicated server), while ensuring minimum latency with the maximum speed and quality of bandwidth. It ‘s our small goal for the coming years. Just need to be done.

In September 2008, we begin the work on the link with Brussels / Dusseldorf / Frankfurt to also get 400Gbps ...