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2 time credit my account and my service wil be expired !!!

11-12-2014, 14:23
It seems that you have to provide a copy of ID and a proof of address to the French SyS team.

Please contact them directly if you need further information.

10-12-2014, 15:53
in may panel :

We have not been able to take payment. Therefore, your account is 10 Dec 2014 14:14:15 90 EUR.
Click here to settle your account.

but i credit 2 time one time 10days ago was 60 euro and after not accept this payment i send ticket to support of sys .
they say me i must add paypal account on payment methods !!! yesterday i add it and today again paypal send me that about 90 euro payment !!! and not accept it yet !!! i dont know what i do !!
please help me .
"i suggest accept 90 euro payment and refund or cancel 60 euro peymant . please please please"
Billing Agreement ID:
Billing Description:
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Authorized Amount:
-90.00 EUR
Fee amount:
0.00 EUR
Net amount:
-90.00 EUR