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How change server root password in soyoustart ?

13-12-2014, 13:08

As Razakel has mentioned, you would look to use the command of "passwd" to reset the password.

Assuming there is no data of importance on the server, you could look to reinstall the server, however ALL DATA WILL BE DELETED.

If your happy to delete the data then you can simply just re-install.


12-12-2014, 15:12
You can't do this through the control panel. You need to log in to the server and use the "passwd" command. If you lose the password, you'll need to boot into rescue mode.

This is quite a simple thing to do, so I'd strongly recommend that you read up on Linux before using your server for anything important.

11-12-2014, 16:48

In ovh panel i can easy change/restart server root password, how i will do this in soyoustart ?