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how long does validation takes?

19-12-2014, 13:25

Apologies for the delay, all validations are done in a queue based system, we will update you as soon as we can.

19-12-2014, 10:18
Hi, i ordered a vps, and then got message that i need to validate my account, im from Latvia - thats in EU, but ok, i took a picture of my id card, plus bill from my internet provider, and send it to ovh client support e mail, but still, its almoust 2 days, and no message from them, how long can it take???

Your user account has not yet been validated.

To order, please send the following two documents to by quoting your nichandle: de101112-ovh

Proof of ID:
ID card
Driving Licence
Proof of address:
Utility bill (Gas, electricity, phone)
Bank statement
Official correspondence

it was @ 17.12 15:12