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Tool In Case Of Emergency

24-12-2014, 18:40
Sorry I took so long to get back to you - Christmas Holidays and all! I'm trying to push organised storage with Puppet, so if Puppet says "Get the configs from here, put them here, install this service and start it" it should work. It then doesn't matter if it's an email server, website server etc etc.

You'll have a list of commands for the interface that are in 6 steps:
- What OS are we running for this?
- Where to get the config?
- Where to place the config?
- Which services need to be installed for it?
- Do we require any user data? (such as /var/www in case it's a web server for example)

This will all then be built into a puppet module which can be thrown wherever.

This should work on both VM's and regular dedicated servers, as long as you define what you need it should be agnostic of the platform.

As an aside, I just noticed SYS started offering an API! Snuck in before Christmas, but I will certainly try to incorporate it into the tool:

23-12-2014, 10:18
Hi Monotoko,

Sounds like a man with a plan...!

From the language, I am guessing this is *nix thing, which is outside my area of knowledge. That said, can you tell us a bit more:

Is this just for VM's? (question comes to mind because of what john_gb said in the DR thread)
Is this for Websites?
Is this for Email Services?

I only use Windows Servers, but if you are thinking windows too, then maybe PM me...


23-12-2014, 06:37
Sounds great! Keep it up!

22-12-2014, 22:11
Hi All,

I know the OVH (and mainly SYS) staff are overworked - they often take a while to reply but I can't fault them for that, as these are very cheap and very great servers. What I have noticed on this forum is a lack of Disaster Recovery on the users part. I've designed a tool for myself with DR in mind in case of an emergency on my end, and would like to share it with you.

At the moment my tool has the following, and it's near completion. I will be open sourcing the tool for you all to use and configure as you like. If you have any feature requests please write a reply below and I will try to incorporate it. Note the tool will have both a "managed" and an "unmanaged" option. It will be released around Janurary.

- DNS control for your domains (for moving to the DR server)
- OVH API access. You will either need to set up your own API keys and payment or go for the managed option. This will get you a new server ASAP. There will also be other providers if you would like to deploy anywhere else.
- Organised storage to get you up and running as quickly as possible.
--Unmanaged, you'll have to provide your own puppet configs for your servers so they can be brought up ASAP.
--Managed, we will work together to make and test them.
- DR testing (monthly testing under managed)

- Unmanaged will provide you with the source code, instructions and manual testing. You will have to host yourself (ideally not on your SYS server ) - This will be free without any support.

- Managed will provide you with a shell account on my server with storage and access to your DR plan, ability to run it manually, and 24/7 support.

If anyone has any more ideas, or would be interested in a beta test - please let me know!

OVH: If you don't like this idea, please feel free to take it down and speak to me in PM.