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Change Ip Address ?

29-12-2014, 08:35
Welcome to the forum.

heise is correct, you cannot "change" the main ip of the server.

If permitted by the rules of the server you have, you could add an additional IP address, and connect using that. You could also firewall-off the original IP address. (Be careful here, don't lock yourself out...)

The question has to be however: Why do you want to change the IP address? There is no advantage to this I can think of...


27-12-2014, 19:00
No. IP tied to server. Change main IP, change server.

27-12-2014, 16:49
i am able to change my main ip address ?

example :; my main ip address is 35.xx.xx.xx
i can change it to a new ip address example : xx.xx.xx.xx
then i can connect with it with a remote desktop ?

well i need help answer please