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S0phie: On this forum, everybody's free to share their opinions on our services....

30-12-2014, 10:55

These were removed for legal reasons.

30-12-2014, 00:50
S0phie wrote in a thread by Denis0072 called "Why support ignore my tickets?"

Re: Why support ignore my tickets?

Quote Originally Posted by Andy View Post problem solved. This level of support is exactly why I left OVH after being loyal for 5 years.
Hi Andy,

On this forum, everybody's free to share their opinions on our services, support, the company ... anything... Believe me or not we do read our forum and take any feedback into account. However, sometimes it's better not to jump into conclusions without knowing both versions of the story :-)

In the thread Denis0072 was complaining that his server were put offline after paying for renewal. OVH was defending it by stating that his account had multiple abuse complains, so OVH put renewal to manual verification. Denis0072 argued that all abuses were addressed and resolved. Buttom line, Denis0072 is a reseller and understandably if his customers misbehave, so does he in the eyes of OVH. And that was the reason, why OVH was only manually renewing his servers, leading to a short downtime of up to a few days. In the end Denis0072 got banned from this forum and OVH refused to accept Denis0072's business.

So far so normal. The unnatural part is that the thread "Why support ignore my tickets?" was deleted, sort of contradicting Sophie nice words, that we are free to share our opinions.

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