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Server suspended

05-01-2015, 15:50

For any billing questions, please contact our Irish team directly.

05-01-2015, 10:26
I talked with my bank today and they said that ovh has to fax a mail to them about it's okay for them to cancel the payment, which has been waiting to be confirmed since 25-12-2014 or else they can't cancel it, so I can do other payment.
The fax needs to be send to
I have also mailed this to but since we are in a hurry about this, then I thought it was better to drop a message about it here too and since it took several days to get any responds from
If I need to do any payment again before the above problem is solve, then plz. give me some feedback about it. I just don't wanna both payment to be canceled by a mistake or something like that or pay for it twice.
As I said in the above reply, then I recieved a mail which I'll guess was from dani where it said I will get a new invoice shortly, but I still didn't got any invoice. Here's a quote from that mail recieved at 2015-01-02.

Subject : Reactivation
Service :

Dear Customer,

Your account has been credited and your server is now active again.

Your invoice will be sent to you shortly by email.

02-01-2015, 19:21
But how can I resolve the issue since the payment already are reserved and waiting for ovh to complete the transfer?
I still got the 43.75 € locked at my account and has been that since 25/12. I could make another payment, but how do I unlock the payment that already are waiting to be transfered.
In the mail I just recieved says this:
Your account has been credited and your server is now active again.

Your invoice will be sent to you shortly by email.

But I still can't see any invoice yet.

02-01-2015, 18:55

I have enabled your server until the end of Monday 5th January 2015. Please use this time to resolve the issue with the billing.

As always an backup of your data is recommended.


02-01-2015, 18:46
Hey ovh

My server has been suspended and will be deleted soon cause "lack of payment", but I did tried to renew the server at the 25/12-2014.
For some strange reason it gave me the payment refused error, but when I checked my bankaccount after a coulpe of tries, then I could see that the amount for payment went through already the first. So the payment are just waiting for completing the transfer.
At the 29/12-2014 I wrote an email to about this and another email the next day through this support system: but I never got any response at all. I know the holidays aren't helping, but my server will soon be PERMANENTLY shut down, if I don't get any help soon and this would be very sad for me since I'll loose important data.

So please look into this problem as soon as possible.

An unlucky/unhappy user
Cust-Id: kt36380-sys

Edit: I never recieved the usual invoice mail as normal.