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only one SSD Showing? 3 x 120gb SSD

02-01-2015, 21:34
You've set them up in RAID 1 so data is mirrored across them for redundancy purposes. If you're happy with no redundancy and want to use the full capacity of all 3 drives, use RAID 0, however, if one of your disks fails with RAID 0, you lose ALL of your data.

02-01-2015, 21:20
Hello. I have installed windows server 2008 R2 Standard edition
But when i go on computer it only show the one SSD.
When im at the disk managment i see all three but 2 of them is mirrored? what will that say? cant i use them for extra storage?

SYS - 32G E3-1245v2 SoftRaid 3x120GB SSD