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Request for additional IPs

06-01-2015, 14:37
Open ticket and open a thread here.
I opened a thread here and the support solved the issue in less than 6 hrs
And i was able to order more IP's fast.

05-01-2015, 04:54
same problem to

04-01-2015, 20:58

I have problem like you. When I try add durations I can receive red window with this:

"Under the conditions of RIPE/ARIN we are required to check how you use IPs. Please get in touch with our Client Service"

The after window has been close. I can order my server at Friday. My server: I have: Failover IP -16 included / where is this 16?! (sic!)

03-01-2015, 19:48
Hi there,

I'd like to request access to the 16 additional IPs which are part of my package. I intend to use these for presenting multiple virtual servers with real internet facing IPv4 addresses from the server.