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WTF: SoYouStart now wants me to pay for THEIR billing fault.

08-01-2015, 22:44
Finally received a credit note for the VAT. Unfortunately, I was forced to pay for the excess VAT amount first and then provided with the credit note.

06-01-2015, 08:49
Quote Originally Posted by S0phie

Contact your local support and they'll fix it.

Since I am an international customer, I had contacted support at both France and Ireland through and

The response that I had posted in the original post is from the support at France. Ireland support is yet to respond. So far I have received 4 order ids (34261787, 34340946, 34378859, 34379447) to make payment each quoting 72 Euros (instead of 60 Euros) and "mm271880-sys.sysfr.delayedaccount" as a line item without any VAT. Can you please look into this issue?

06-01-2015, 03:17
Quote Originally Posted by S0phie

Contact your local support and they'll fix it.
Done that, no reply (as usual).

05-01-2015, 22:22
Sophine, and how long they will need to fix it ?
week ? 2 weeks ? a month ?
I contacted them 5 days ago, and guess what, today I needed to pay server as probably u would suspend it tomorrow due to your fault and support inactivity...

Anyway I payd you with no existing money, bank will reject payment to you within few days, so fix that problem with your vat!

05-01-2015, 15:51

Contact your local support and they'll fix it.

05-01-2015, 00:16
We're all in same boat. I think it's ridiculous, same as a lot of things going on with OVH in the last year.

04-01-2015, 15:59
I have received two new mails each with separate order ids but the amount of 72 EUR has not yet been rectified yet. It seems that SYS is now adamant in recovering the VAT amount as delayed payment charges.

As a responsible customer I have promptly brought the billing issue to your notice within a day and have also offered you to make the due payment immediately provided the billing errors on your behalf are corrected. Can someone show me where in the terms and conditions is it mentioned that the customer is liable to pay for billing fault incurred by SYS?

04-01-2015, 15:39
My account is already VAT exempted. On 1st of January I raised a ticket (#2015010219029689) for my SYS server (SYS-IP-5-S, 60) EUR) for which I have received a invoice of 72 EUR including 20% VAT. This is what they had replied:


Sorry for inconvenience.

This is a reported incident and we are working on it. When this incident will be fixed, we'll done a refund of the VAT on your account.

I remain at your disposal if you need any complementary information.

Kind regards,
Mathieu H.
​Commercial service
I clearly replied back on the same day saying that I would make the payment as soon as they corrected the invoice or issued a fresh invoice with correct amount. There was no further response to the ticket. Neither the invoiced amount was corrected nor was I issued a separate invoice. As far as I understand there is no feature to make one time payment as well. Today when I logged into the control panel, I was surprised to see the following alert message.

Now, it seems that SYS wants me to pay for their faulty billing due VAT miscalculation and the VAT amount is being charged as they were not able to recover the incorrect amount automatically.

I do not think you have the right to fix an arbitrary amount of charges just because you were not automatically able to recover your faulty invoice without correcting the error from your side first.

Plus, understand that these are foreign currency transactions for me. So I have to pay currency conversion charges for each debit and credit of Euro transactions. Your providing a refund does not help as I still stand to loose on the conversion charges for no fault of mine.