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Flood attack from ovh network

05-01-2015, 22:10
Yea, but they detect only some of simple udp floods etc..

05-01-2015, 17:01
and the filters will not detect it.
They also have internal filters to detect abuse.

05-01-2015, 15:11
Ok I send the report to abuse(at)

Yes the problem is you can simply buy a server by OVH and dos/flood other servers without any problem and the filters will not detect it.

05-01-2015, 02:03
I found online stresser that uses OVH servers for it's activity (Alredy reported to OVH)

These are that IP's

It's shame that OVH is getting worse evry day about protection.
VAC 1 not working, FREE stresser on internet can take down ovh servers with Anti DDoS Pro... No comment anymore.

05-01-2015, 01:52
Forward to abuse(at) .

04-01-2015, 23:24
Toddy we have an attack from one of ovh server why ovh allow this ?

The attack coming from the ip and exceeds 900mb, also the anti-ddos not work because I think this bandwidth does not go through the Arbor and other filters. This is not good everyone can buy a server by ovh and flood other servers hosted by ovh.

Here the image of the graph

I caught the attack with tcpdump here you can see/download the full logs

Please take action and stop it thanks.

Nic: mn59630-sys