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Vat re-added on monthly invoice for this month

05-01-2015, 15:12
Your account is managed by SyS France, please contact them directly if you have any billing questions.
05-01-2015, 08:13
but the problem is , I have no enough in my credit card to pay vat,
the amount in my credit is enough for the invoice without vat

so what can I do now?

05-01-2015, 01:53
Pay VAT, contact them over their website and they will (eventually) refund VAT.
04-01-2015, 23:41
Hello mate,

My account has been exempted for Vat and validated for more than 1 year from Vat and I surprisely that vat is re-added in 1-jan-2015 invoice

I can't pay my invoice because of the additional vat on invoice and iam of afraid of suspending all servers on my account because of this issue

so can you please, remove vat from invoice to pay it?

My account is aa237214-sys

the same situation is for this friend's account too which is oe7402-sys

thank you so much and waiting for your great reply