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aaks for free ips

05-01-2015, 16:28
The first 16 IPs are only a setup fee, any after that you pay for monthly, so if you ordered 32 IPs for your server, 16 of them you would pay for once, and the other 16 would be paid for every month.

dar tawseef
05-01-2015, 16:02
yes i see but one of my freind say that he order first time /29 ips and secend time order /28 and SYS invoice monlthy for /28 ips !!!
but in SYS write 16 ips than /28 must be only setupfee

05-01-2015, 16:00

You just pay a setup fee full details are here

dar tawseef
05-01-2015, 15:31
i have one aks about free ips that first /28 ips or /29 ips i musy paid only setupfee ?
please explain to me i dont undrestand it on SYS site