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[SYS] Setting up Nameservers

06-01-2015, 19:35
See unofficial FAQ on links on how to use OVH as secondary DNS server.

06-01-2015, 18:50
I have a dedicated server, running WHM/cPanel.

My domain name is registered with GoDaddy and I have setup the first
name server ( to the IP address of my server.

I haven't been provided with a secondry nameserver, so I'm
not sure as to what record I should add for ns2. I have been onto
the SYS control panel, added a secondry DNS for
and did the verification checks, etc. I used this IP address with
GoDaddy for my secondry nameserver, however, this hasn't worked.

Really not sure what else to do. I just need an IP address to register
as the secondry nameserver.

Any help appreciated!