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Apple Mail incorrectly showing IMAP folder for Inbox

20-01-2015, 16:32
Thank you for your reply.
Roundcube does not list them!

20-01-2015, 16:26

Have you checked in the roundcube webmail to see if the holders are listed in there?

20-01-2015, 16:13
Ok I found out it's not a problem of Apple Mail but it does that also with other mail clients.
So I guess it's because of how the ovh mail server is setup?
Is anybody else having the same problem?

06-01-2015, 23:05
I added my email account from my pro hosting to Apple Mail as an IMAP account.

Everything seems to work fine except a folder without name with a subfolder inside shows up like this:

And that folder without name is the same as the Inbox folder & I see the same messages if I open it.

I have INBOX as the IMAP prefix.

Is there a way to stop it from showing up in the list? It is really just a duplicate of the inbox folder so I don't understand why it's there...

Thanks in advance