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Open port 4000

13-01-2015, 18:10
By default, all the ports will be open (I am most certainly not an expert, so please correct me on anything I state in the post!).

If you are using ubuntu, then there is a helpful command line tool called "ufw" (the uncomplicated firewall) that can be used to configure iptables.

To use it, type sudo ufw enable

If I recall correctly, by default all incoming connections are blocked and all outgoing connections are allowed.

You can open a port by typing sudo ufw allow {portnumber}/tcp, where you replace {portnumber} with the port number that you want to open.

More information about ufw can be found here:

07-01-2015, 10:52

*** I purchased a VPS through the site and now my server resident in France . Should I install Jekyll on the server and I need to open port 4000. How can I do? I tried using the control panel and iptables from command line but I can't open anything. Thank You