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9MB/s DDoS taking down my server??

13-01-2015, 19:16
There is not 100% anti-ddos system. You are just out of luck, your attack is not mitigated.

13-01-2015, 19:00
Check for any Listening/opened Ports

Keep in mind even if these port are closed they can still DDOS you !

Check the MRTG in control panel of SYS

You will receive an E-mail when the attack goes up

If not maybe the attack is small to be detected as an attack

So try to run Software firewall to reduce the damages.

13-01-2015, 16:02
I don't have a teamspeak server running >.<

13-01-2015, 00:21
Port 9987 for TeamSpeak Server

12-01-2015, 23:55
I received an email about mitigation while this is happening and still my server is unreachable.. It's been going on for hours now and the mitigation is doing nothing..

I managed to see that the ddos is being targeted at port 9987 but there's nothing I can do to block that port completely..