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Payment in Proccess.

13-01-2015, 11:31

We have contacted you by email, but basically if you are based in Turkey you should order from and not

13-01-2015, 00:34
Hi Supporters! Just 1 hour ago we bought a dedicated server for 41 gbp , paid succesfully but there's nothing new, actually we're from turkey, but everything is done for buy it. How can we do it? Thanks.

Btw on OVH it says, checking my order by manually, but it's been long time after i check it. Nobody knows something about it?

And i read about that country problem, if i'm at somewhere in Europa, my order can be accepted.

Anyone can help me about this annoying problem?

And sorry for this thread, if it's opened before

Btw i forgot to tell, our friend, suggested us to your Servers. He said, you got best servers to use for Private Silkroad Server, made everything okay for our Private Server. But we need your Server to open it. And i'm sure for that we'll use your servers for a long time (about 1 or 2 years.)

I can't understand why we're living problems about our country. Btw Turkey in Europa too. If you can help us about this problem, we'll work together for a long time. I hope. Thank you again, best wishes.

My nic handle is; ke27256-sys