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A Happy Customer

23-01-2015, 03:21
what a pity?You should be careful.

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18-01-2015, 17:53

I hope your luck continues but I wonder if you hold the same view in 5 years, if you are still here

The hardware and network is excellent for the price, of that, there is no doubt. If I were in a different line of business I would exclusively use OVH.

In fact in the future, for another project I may well do.

Back in the day, I had a 20 user PBX running for about two years flawlessly on the cheapest Kimsufi. Nowadays, I wouldn't dream of doing it on anything other than PCC.

18-01-2015, 00:11
Not good that you have lost money.
I hope my luck continues.

17-01-2015, 01:35
No one will accuse u that u are OVH employee, u are just one very (VERY) lucky customer!

There is just so littile percent of people that have good experience with OVH, that's all.

But we others do not seems to be so lucky as you , just few weeks ago, something has broke in SYS, and they added back VAT to our bills, so we needed to pay it (they did refund it after payment to account), and yea, al that seems fine, but hey, my bank charged me first 35 $ fee because I spent more money then I had on account then 15 $ more because I am in minues on account (17 $ VAT + 35 $ fee + 15 $ fee it's 67 $ minues due to simple SYS mistake), but that's not the end.
Other service take off 7 $ more from bank account, as it excepted to there is money (and there is not due to SYS got me in minus), so on that another 7 $, I'v got again fine of 35 $.

So on the end, due to SYS mistake, I'm 102 $ in RED due to billing me more then they should. (het, that is more then my monthly bill in OVH!)
So yea, y are one very lucky client.

15-01-2015, 15:48
Thought it would make a bit of a change to give some positive feedback.
I have had 3 servers from the Kimsufi range for the last 10 months or so but have since let them expire to take up a SYS Server.
First a bit of history - I did not know much about adminstering a dedi before I took my first Kimsufi (still not an expert now) but gradually upgraded through the range as I learnt what specs I would need to suit my purposes.
I read a lot on this forum before my first KS order so I had a good idea what to expect.
Apart for the wait time for the server to be delivered (5 business days for the first one) I have not had a hardware related issue.
Of course I've had to reinstall quite a number of times as I didn't have the know how to fix various OS, SQL and Apache issues I made in error.
I fell in love with the remote re-install facility which I have probably used over 20 times. Some other providers do not have this facility on budget servers and make a charge for doing so after the first one or two re-installs once you have opened a ticket. Obviously you then have to wait for a Tech to get round to doing it.
My current SYS server (E3-SAT-3) was delivered in under 5 minutes after I ordered the E3-SAT-2), a nice but not entirely unexpected surprise given that I had similar luck with the KS range previously.
The OVH network has seemed to have had one or two issues recently but I'm prepared to put up with the odd glitch. Unmanaged servers of this spec with other providers can cost more than twice what I currently pay and should suit what I want to do for the foreseeable future.
This may seem like an advertisement but it's not. I was originally put off OVH by comments made on another forum so I initially tried VPSs for a while and a dedi with a couple of other providers with very mixed results (servers and network very unreliable).
Overall I've been extremely happy with Kimsufi and now SYS which has the added benefit of telephone support when hardware failure eventually happens.
Now waiting to be shot down in flames and being accused of being a OVH employee (which I'm not).......