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Proxmox --> Shoreline Firewall dont work on OVH (bridge_ports dummy0 problem ?)

15-01-2015, 17:11
I all,

After running some years on Hetzner servers with Proxmox and Shorewall Firewall. I did order a
So You can Start server. But i did rember OVH has a "strange" bridge mode for Proxmox.
a bridge_ports dummy0. Hetzner servers work with different subnets.

I did use OVH severs before, But not with a Shorewall Firewall.

The Shorewall Firewall setup i use on Hetzer servers dont work here. Must be the different setup.
Has to do somethings with the bridge_ports dummy0.

Who can help me out here ? So i can have a running Proxmox and Shoreline Firewall on OVH.
Has sombody a Proxmox server with Shoreline Firewall. running ?

Need some advise here ...

Is this info still up to date ? (See urls below) If so that can be the solution. If so i keep all updated and post it here ..

Update: Just implement it successfully this document did gave me
some more info.

Made a routed setup + NAT for internal. All ok now ;-)