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Game 3 Server - windows 2008 standard

16-01-2015, 16:00
Quote Originally Posted by heise
If you have a licence, try link in signature.
Thanks but got it up and running, just took a while to get license purchase completed correctly.

15-01-2015, 22:41
If you have a licence, try link in signature.

15-01-2015, 19:16
Today I purchased the beta 14 day trial of this server and it got setup quickly enough - all good so far

I want to run windows server on this so purchased a 1 month licence, again went as far as taking my credit card details and payment went through as you would expect.

As it didnt show up in the licence area of my control panel i checked the billing tab and caould see the bill there so assumed it would just take some time to allocate me a licence.

A few hours later with no update i checked again, no licence and now the bill has been removed from my billing panel.

Is this normal? am I doing something wrong?

First time customer here having rented servers elsewhere and looking for a new setup.

All I want is the server installed with windows 2008 server standard edition and have a remote desktop connection to it.

Any help available?