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VAC Whitelist IP's

16-01-2015, 14:38
Hi Joe

It is possible, in the firewall section you can authorise and refuse IPv4 Addresses, so just add the IPs and choose authorise. Then when even attacked the requests will make it through.

16-01-2015, 14:07

I currently use OVH SP-64 to host a Minecraft server. As such, some people get angry, and decide that they should take their anger out on the server. "I know I'm going to Dos them"...... OVH detects this, and turns VAC on. Vac works like a charm, and players can still connect. However, with Minecraft, you need a member base. These are gained mostly from voting websites. As such, these voting websites ping your IP address once every couple of minute from different locations to detect whether the server is online or offline. Due to to constancy of these pings they are getting stopped in the VAC.

So my question is: Is it possible to white list IP addresses, so their traffic will always be allowed through the VAC?