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Windows remote desktop on new server

16-01-2015, 22:52
I was being an *****

copy and pasting password instead of typing it in

working now

16-01-2015, 22:08
Is "nmap -p 3389 -Pn" showing an open port?

16-01-2015, 22:04

Check that remote desktop is enabled on the account you're trying to connect as, also check the Windows firewall has got public ticked for remote desktop because only private is ticked as default.

Hope that's a bit of help.


16-01-2015, 21:48
if anyone could help that would be great

Here is my problem

Bought a server - all ok
Bought a windows 2008 server license - all ok
Installed software on server all seemed ok
Got an email giving my my username and password - all good so far

But cannot connect via windows remote desktop - keeps says my credentials are invalid

Spoke to support - less than helpful, told me it was working at their end connecting through Remmina Remote Desktop which i assume is a linux program. They then told me to try another type of software without giving me any advice on what to try. Final suggestion was to re-install the server.

Re-installed server and get same results.

Does anyone know why the windows remote desktop client on my pc will not connect to my windows 2008 server

I have other servers and remote desktop works instantly when i purchased them

Im at a complete loss

Any advice would be great