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Need set up help and OVH help is useless!

19-01-2015, 11:52

If you've noticed some bugs or issues with the control panel, please contact your local support by email and provide as many details as possible so they can identify the issue and fix it. If you could provide screenshots it'll be great.

16-01-2015, 21:52
Hi I recently signed up to web hosting with OVH I but haven't been able to get started because of the terrible navigation of the site! There seems to be bugs in the 'manager' pages, I keep getting sent to the log in page even though I am logged in. Sometimes I notice I'm not on the site but on .com or .it... I'm starting to think this is a bogus website but I hope this forum will tell me otherwise...?
The manuals have everything but a start up page, the email support have given me useless and incorrect information.. can anyone shed any light to whats been happening on the site? Is it in the middle of transition, hence the bugs etc?