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Help configuring ESX 5 on server

24-01-2015, 13:22
once you get ips follow this

19-01-2015, 10:03
You need more IP addresses from OVH. ESXi is not going to work with a single IP, get yourself a bunch of IPs first.

Then you will need to create virtual macs for each.

There should be some guides around here some where but you definitely need those IPs first.

19-01-2015, 04:32
Sorry but i am a new to ESXi server . Just rented a server and need a little assistance. Currently i have one server with one ip address. I installed the ESX server template and logged in via vmware vcenter, Created a virtual machine and cant get it to connect to the internet. Installed vnware tools on the guest os but not sure if that helped. I noticed that i have no DHCP server in my VM environment. Do i need one?

What exactly do i need do configure to get my vms to talk to the pnic and access then remotely through ssh? Is there a setting somewhere that i need to enable them to talk to the host nic? Do I need more static ips and configure each vm with an ip?

Just a little confused.

Any assistance is much appreciated.