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Can't order new IPs?

19-01-2015, 16:08
Hi Neil,

We are clients of OVH-UK now, what I mean are 'we are moving from ES to UK', now our account (if you can check it) are in UK, the nichandle are sd129821-ovh and all of our orders are based in our UK address.

Btw, there is a ticket created in the UK-helpdesk, ID 233127. We can order 1 Failover IP, but we can't order a RIPE block, because we need the approval or something like that of the OVH UK team.

19-01-2015, 15:43

You need to contact your local support asking for the IP limit to be raised.

19-01-2015, 14:39
Hi to all,

This is my first post in the UK forum, recently we move from OVH in Spain

This morning we order a new Enterprise server, and now it's working, but for some reason we cannot order additional IPs (very necessary for VMs) receiving the following error:

This action needs verification or cannot be currently validated. Please contact our support team.
Our account is verified -or I think that, we have some domains in the account- and we send a ticket (without response yet). Someone have this problem now, or in the past and how you fix it? We need to send a document, or something like that -and if this is the case where we must send it?-

Edited 15:03:
Debugging the console I can see the following message:

Under the conditions of RIPE/ARIN, we are required to check how you use your IPs. Please get in touch with our Client Service.
Btw, our nichandle are sd129821-ovh -fyi, blocked by ip, don't be bad*ss -

PS: We have a vRack order in 'we check your payment manually' when the order are 0.00 points/GBP, the order ID are 34704794, if you can check it too.. will be awesome.
Thanks in advance!