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Real Time Monitoring

21-01-2015, 15:22
It would appear SmartMon is already installed. Not too sure if RTM actually uses it as HDD usage info is readily available outside of SMART.

21-01-2015, 15:19
RTM only monitors HDD usage. Doesn't show any SMART info.

Interesting find tho, will look into that

21-01-2015, 10:18
Does RTM monitor harddisk smart status ? here are some steps must be taken but not sure if it is related to RTM on control panel.

20-01-2015, 10:12
You're both right. It's working again this morning. As it seems to be a common problem I'll not worry. Thanks for your help guys

19-01-2015, 23:11
Probably just an issue with the RTM servers, if it works sometimes then it is definitely installed on your server.

19-01-2015, 22:56
The control panel seems a bit buggy, If rtm shows up some of the time then it's probably just a timeout issue with the control panel fetching the relevant info.

19-01-2015, 21:13
When I log into my panel, sometimes RTM is working, sometimes I get the message 'RTM is not available on this server'

Is it, or isn't it available? Sometimes it does work and I can examine the state of my HDDs/partitions.