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ESXi Help Please!!!

24-01-2015, 13:21

22-01-2015, 15:42
Hi Luke

There used to be instructions for this on OVH but I can't locate them ATM.

I found this external link:

In summary:

You will need to create Virtual MACs for your failover IPs using the SYS dashboard -> Manage IPs
In ESXi, edit the VM settings, goto Network adapter and change the MAC address from Automatic to Manual
Enter the last few digit pairs or a virtual MAC just created.
In your running VM, set your network interface to use the static IP failover address for the virtual MAC,
mask and gateway to your ESXi host ip but change the last digits to 254

This network bridging is better explained here:

Hope this helps


22-01-2015, 04:57
Could someone please give me a hand.
I'm trying to run ESXi on my Dedi and for some reason any Linux Virtual Machine can't find any network connection.
I've read around and still haven't found an answer. I have 3 IP's that I can use, I've tried to configure this myself but,
still no luck at all. Any help. Anyone else experienced this?

Luke Carter