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Why is it so Hard to buy a dedi box, help please.

22-01-2015, 14:34
Hi there I have been a customer before and I am now returning again. My customer number is ss150965-sys.

The problem I am having is trying to get this Dedicated Server E3-SSD-4. I have been online everyday for a month trying to get this. Everytime I go out and then come back the server have been up and then taken. Its like it toying with me. I keep refreshing the page all the time and still have not had a sniff at the server or seen it up.I am always missing the time it has been put up and as soon as they are up they are gone. I am trying to get one of these servers to get my community back up and running and everyone is asking when we getting our server up and running.

Surely there must be a better system than this one. Surely a customer that has been here before should be able to order the server then get it once it comes back up to buy. Please can you help on this matter as I am starting to pull my hair out well whats left of it : ))