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Extremely Disappointed, What kind of scam is running here?

26-01-2015, 12:19
You might get better results if you give them a quick call rather than relying on tickets.

26-01-2015, 09:34

Can you provide me with your NIC handle, I will look into this issue.



25-01-2015, 15:06
Do yourselves a favour.... Find a better supplier, might cost more but it might be better run.....

I used to swear by OVH, but over the 2 years, they have hit rock bottom in my eyes.... Lack of integrity with their clients.

25-01-2015, 13:12
the lack of support is terrible i aint even had a reply back from kimsufi about my refund so i came to this forum and now they wont even reply to me here the only reply i got was we are a separate company so i asked for an explanation as to why kimsufi and soyoustart invoices are made out from ovh to which i still aint recieved a reply and doubt i will

25-01-2015, 01:16
After experiencing issues on their servers we requested a refund for the month's subscription. We did not get a chance to use the server we subscribed for due to hardware and network issues from the server itself, so normally a refund would be in order since the fault is on their end.

However, once we requested a refund for our product the support team seemed to lag behind in their correspondence. We've been going on about a week of back and forth emails with them and though we made it clear that we want a refund they've been delaying any assistance to us and refusing the refund outright.

OVH claims that because we do not have VIP support purchased, that we are expected to wait several days before receiving a response. I don't know of any company that requires users to purchase an upgrade plan just to receive any kind of help.

I will be filing a chargeback if my issue is not solved by Monday the 26th and use my company's reach to inform our clients of our horrifying experience here at I will also utilize each email received from the company for Better Business Bureau and related reports to ensure that our mistreatment here will be documented.

I hope that their team is able to make things right with us and process the refund immediately instead of ignoring the issue.