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SYS-IP-1 Extra IP's

28-01-2015, 10:39

For SYS servers, it can take an maximum of 128 IP. The first 16 IP is free, however there is an one off setup fee, afterwards the IP will be free alongside your server.

If you get your 17th IP on the same server, you will be billed for this additional 1 IP per month.


27-01-2015, 22:44
It depends whether you order the first 16 IPs straight away. You can order them separately at a later date if you don't need any extra IPs to begin with.

27-01-2015, 22:15
Where did the 13 come from? The payment for the first 16 is 2.03 per IP, if you have more than 16 IPs you're charged 2.03 per month for every additional IP, so, if you order 32IPs, you will pay 32 x 2.03, but then next month only 16 x 2.03, as you only pay once for the first 16.

27-01-2015, 21:28
I was looking at getting the server in the title, it says you get 16 free ips*

*Only setup fees of 1.69 excl. VAT /IP (or 2.03 incl. VAT) are required, renewal is free. Beyond 16 IPs, 1.69 excl. VAT /month/IP (or 2.03 incl. VAT) limited to 128 IPs and/or 16 slots per server.

Does that mean first payment would be 30 + 16*2.03 = 62.48?