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GAME DDoS Protection enquires

28-01-2015, 10:32

The GAME servers at SYS is currently in a public BETA, due to this reason, the server may have issues. This also applies to the GAME DDOS as this is a working progress. You can locate the games which is currently available for the GAME DDOS from the API at:{ip}/game/{ipOnGame}/rule#POST



28-01-2015, 08:08
Ovh, SoYouStart and Kimsufi uses automatic anti-DDoS mitigation by default and it does not (as far as i know) depend on port base.
As far as the network goes, ive been a long time costumer (kimsufi and ovh (and soyoustart)) and despite the fact that i don't consume very much bandwidth i have had 2 network issues the past 2 years, none being more than a few minutes. So very satisfying for me.

I know there are of course people that seems to have bandwidth issues (remember sla best efford) but as far as the network goes it seem very stable and in newer time even ipv6 seems up to speed.

I do have to admit that i now stay clear of north america data centre as it don't seem to be at a professional standard.

That said, at the end of the day how you run your server, is likely to be the factor on how well everything works

27-01-2015, 21:45
We have tried several packages from OVH/SYS in the hopes of receiving adequate DDoS Protection. No avail.

We currently host multiple instances of game servers, my question is:

Is the GAME DDoS protection only going to work on the default game server ports?

For example, SA-MP's default port is 7777, however obviously if we're hosting multiple SA-MP servers, some will use port 7773, 7781 etc etc.

Will this specialized game server DDoS Protection be 100% effective on all ports on the server?

On a side note, we've experienced multiple network issues with all OVH systems, particularly in Canada. This network just seems completely unstable to be blunt. Has anyone experienced these issues with the GAME variety of SYS packages?

Thanks in advance.