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Unable To Renew the Service

28-01-2015, 19:02
I have received only email for the Windows license andI was able to renew the windows server license but not the server hosting I have renewed the windows license but the problem with the server hosting still exist.

If I can't renew the server hosting I would like to have full refund for the Windows 2008 Server license I paid today. I don't need it without server!!!

28-01-2015, 18:59
RBX3 - Rack: 41D16 - Server ID: 235493

This is the information from my control panel, I'm able to login with my email and password not like in OVH with server-service name

28-01-2015, 18:50
What's your server name?

28-01-2015, 18:39
I tried couple of times to renew my dedicated server with no success receiving some errors on French. Excuse me I do not understand French, I didn't find a phone number for support as well. How can I proceed?

I use SoYouStart but I'm receiving emails from OVH.. Should I speak with OVH operator regarding my problem. Also the ticket system doesn't work.
My dedicated due date is today, I was waiting for email till today I didn't receive and email for renewing notification. Help me please, Give me a phone number or email for supports