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23-02-2015, 18:16
that's strange. the reverse is exactly that, the name of the server, so it should be working just fine.

Do contact them to find out more.

18-02-2015, 12:09
I have the same problem when I enter the nameservers with Domainbox it comes up with bad server Name.

This is what I entered
Primary DNS : this one failed
Secondary DNS :

Failed to Modify Domain Nameservers: Nameserver not found at registry

01-02-2015, 15:56

Thanks for the reply and I have contacted Daily who ended up having to register the nameserver through their registrar as it had not been registered properly by SYS! All sorted now, many thanks

30-01-2015, 20:50
The host is responding to DNS queries. You could try to add it again. If it still fails I would suggest to contact support as it appears to be an issue on there end.

30-01-2015, 15:08
Just signed up and have directadmin running on centos install. I have the following nameservers: and

My domains are with and when I enter those nameservers it says the ns367732 does not exist.

Any help is appreciated